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A firm believer of design-enabled green manufacturing, ECOEV in collaboration with CTech & IITB has designed and developed sustainable and eco- friendly energy saving electrical vehicles ? two wheelers, three wheelers for interior use - airports, shopping malls, IT campuses, railway stations, factories etc.
ECOEV is poised to be a Top brand in manufacturing Electric Vehicles and provide a greener automotive ecosystem with affordability, safety and efficiency features to the consumers.
Ecoev vehicles are designed for minimum weight, using composite materials, optimized geometry and configuration. ECOEV vehicles: single seat scooter (eSCOOT) and 3-wheeler runabout (eTRIKE) for interior application (airport, malls, IT / Industry campuses) are running for more than a year at various sites.
Electric Farm Hoe
Farming functions in India like hoeing, weeding, ploughing, use IC engine powered machines (tillers and tractors), unsuitable for use in small farms or for intercrop weeding, raking, ploughing functions.
Single wheel eHOE, a battery-powered multi-utility farming aid to help farmers for hoeing, weeding, raking, plowing etc. It is a compact machine and can negotiate narrow passages between the crops to help increase farm productivity and reducing drudgery. Driven by 250 W BLDC in-wheel motor with state of art electronic controller, it delivers high variable torque for these farm functions.
eHOE is a light weight, easily manoeuvrable low maintenance gadget. Because of the simplicity and safety, women and even children can provide a helping hand and help in hiring labour. eHOE is powered by deep discharge batteries providing traction, which are charged through Solar charging unit set up in the fields or from home mains.
Electric Brush Cutter & Electric Wheat Grass Cutter
Labour saving handy implement for small farms.
Eco- Friendly Energy Saving Electrical Vehicles
E-TRIKE - Electric Three Wheeler
Multipurpose Vehicle (Runabout / Mini Tractor / Load Carrier)
Passenger / Driver : One
Power : 500W
Pay Load (Gross) : 200 Kg
Speed : 25 km / hr
Range : 40 Km
E-RICK - Electric Three Wheeler
Passenger Vehicle (Runabout)
Passenger / Driver : 2/3 + 1
Power : 1000W
Pay Load (Gross) : 400 Kg
Speed : 40Km / hr
Range : 30 - 60 Km
E-SCOOT - Electric Scooter
Passenger Vehicle (Runabout)
Passenger / Driver : 1 + 1
Power : 500W
Pay Load (Gross) : 38 Kg
Speed : 25 km / hr
Range : 40 - 45 Km
Electric Farm Hoe
Multipurpose Agri Device
Motor Power : 250W
Range : 10-12 Km on one charge
Low running cost : 20p / km
Easy Drive : Drive by wire
Electric Brush Cutter & Electric Wheat Grass Cutter
Battery Operated Agri Devices
Torque : Variable High torque
Battery : 12/24 V - 7 Ah
Low running cost : 0.1 unit per Charge
Future Product Portfolio

eCart (Differential Steering)

Intelligent Shopping Carts
Press Release
Maharashtra Minister for Animal Husbandry and Fisheries launching ECO eTRIKE at Pune on 26th October

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